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Benefits of working with a mentor!

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The first two years as an advisor can be a rollercoaster ride. The learning curve in this new role is steep, and the skills needed to succeed in this industry are vast and ever-changing. Not only are there technological changes impacting the way we do business, but legislative changes also effect the way we approach our affairs.

Advisors usually receive a lot of product training, but often times lack the personal development and motivational training that they need to survive this fast-growing business. Without formal training programs, underdeveloped advisors are often forced out of the financial industry within their first 18 months due to the lack of knowledge and experience they need to make an income to survive this business.

One of the most important tools in becoming a successful advisor is having a mentor who will be there with you through the journey. Working with a mentor is a partnership that seeks to identify your goals and define a vision for your success. We will create an action plan, identify limiting beliefs and work towards financial independence by increasing revenue and obtaining work/life balance. You will learn how to communicate more succinctly and effectively foster more powerful connections both professionally and personally.

At NWM, we will teach you the needs-based selling practices that are expected within the industry. Whether you are a novice agent starting a business, or an experienced agent growing your existing one, we at NWM can help you build your block of business while ensuring you maintain ownership and control.