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Term Insurance versus Permanent Insurance.

Life insurance is an important part of your financial foundation and only you can decide what is right type of insurance for you. Term insurance is cheaper, because it covers you for a pacific period and the payout is limited only to the death benefit. It is also good for those who need a large...
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Insured Retirement Plan (IRP)

Registered Retirement Saving Plans (RRSP) and Tax-Free Saving Accounts (TFSA) are the most popular way to save and plan for retirement. But that’s not the only way. To enhance your retirement portfolio, consider Insured Retirement Plan (IRP). The Insured Retirement Plan (IRP) provide both a tax-free income in retirement and a tax-free benefit to your...
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Book Launch

This planner was created to help you navigate through the particulars of your life… order your copy today $28.99 + HST (includes shipping). the book will come fully wrapped, perfect gift for a friend or family. Request your copy today @
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Book Launching Coming Soon

Have you ever thought about “what if…?” What if you became incapacitated or died prematurely? This is an important question that many people do not think about or tend to avoid. Whatever your age, becoming incapacitated or dying prematurely is a part of life and it is important to let your loved ones know your...
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Building and Protecting Wealth

  Today we will talk about building and protecting. Canadians who want to make their money last for generations will carefully need to plan… Their monies must be protected from taxes, litigation, inflation and potential estate problems – and most importantly, keeping their assets growing. Let’s work together to outline your investment goals and create...
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Giving children a head start

Critical illness insurance for children is an essential component of a family’s financial plan.  When a child gets sick, it affects the whole family.  It pays out a lump-sum benefit, following a survival period of typically 30 days after diagnosis of one of the conditions covered by the plan.  The benefits of critical illness insurance...
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