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Career Opportunities

We can help you build your block of business while ensuring you maintain ownership and control.

Career Opportunities

Are you Looking for more than to just making a living?  Are you Seeking a meaningful career but not a JOB?   Something you can soar and become the best you can be?  Then, look no more!!!

We are seeking independent advisors to join our growing team!  Whether you are a novice agent who is seeking to build a business and have ownership or  you’re an experienced professional that’s already in the business and wanting to take their ownership to the next level, this is the place for you!

Independence:  You run your own business and choose the clients you want to serve.  You have the autonomy to recommend solutions that align with your clients’ best interests. 

Growth:  We let you build the practice you want, planning your own growth strategy and how your practice will grow.  As your business becomes more established, you’ll notice a shift from actively prospecting for clients to referrals and existing clients making up the majority of your business.  Later in your career, you may even reach a level where you may easily choose to no longer seek new clients.  How you build your business is largely up to you.  All we ask is that you run a profitable and ethical business, giving top priority to the needs of each client.

With the support of our back office, an extensive platform of products and services to meet each client’s unique needs, our support will suit self-contained independent advisors who are willing to keep updated on products and strategies through seminars, or one-on-one product coaching.  We provide professional tie-ins with knowledgeable sources for complex cases.  All of our partners are personal producers who, in addition to offering their combination of experience and knowledge, will also call on specialists when needed.

For more information about joining our team, please email your resume to or contact Jacqueline directly at 289-314-3425.