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Giving children a head start

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Critical illness insurance for children is an essential component of a family’s financial plan.  When a child gets sick, it affects the whole family.  It pays out a lump-sum benefit, following a survival period of typically 30 days after diagnosis of one of the conditions covered by the plan.  The benefits of critical illness insurance is to cover expenses so a parent can take a leave-of-absence from work to be by their child’s side during treatment and recovery; pay for specialized or alternative treatments not covered by group or government-sponsored plans; cover travel and accommodation expenses when out-of-town or out-of-country treatment is required; in-home nursing or home care support; respite care so that parents can share some personal time with the other children in their family; home or vehicle modifications to improve accessibility; continue saving for a special family vacation, children’s education or their retirement and allows you to buy a permanent adult plan at children’s rates.  Insurance for a child is protecting the family and helping create some normalcy when life is anything but normal.