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If you have kids, you need a will

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Are children your real treasures?  YES!  If you have kids, you need a will as you have an obligation to protect them along with all your loved ones. That is best done through a WILL.  Your will can deal with contingencies should both parents die in a disaster.  What happens to your children who are now parent-less? Without a will, all your possessions and property is taken over by the government.  Any money intended for minors may not get to them.  When you have a will you can establish, who should be guardians of your children and their property;  who can authorize medical treatment for your children and how your children’s money is invested until they are adults.  Your will names an executor to be in charge of your estate.  You can even name alternative or secondary executors as well.  The executor would have access to your financial information, arrange funerals and sign tax returns.  You may wish your spouse to inherit all of your assets should they survive you.  In today’s world, blended families are common and this may raise particular challenges when making wills. Financial advisors cannot provide legal opinions on wills – only lawyers can – but as your personal financial advisor, it is our duty to educate you and show you that a will should be part of your financial plan.