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Jacqueline Correia

Director, Wealth Builder, Educator, Author.

I am Jacqueline Correia, the visionary behind Notable Wealth Management Inc. With over a decade of experience as a licensed financial advisor and a remarkable 25 years in the financial industry, I bring a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. In Addition, I am also the author of a book, “My Farewell and Final Wishes Organizer.” This project reflects my commitment to helping individuals plan for their future and ensure their financial affairs are in order.

My mission is to assist individuals in uncovering their subconscious beliefs surrounding money and empowering them to attain genuine financial freedom. We all carry deep-rooted notions about money that have been ingrained in us since childhood, shaping our thoughts, actions, and ultimately our financial outcomes. However, within each of us lies the power to reshape these beliefs and replace them with empowering thoughts that align with our goals.

The path towards financial freedom encompasses the shifting of our money mindsets; it also necessary to use practical strategies and actionable steps. Together, we will delve into the realm of personal finance, investments, and wealth creation. We will unravel the art of effective budgeting, strategic saving, make wise investments and, most importantly, safeguarding what you have built. By working together, we will construct astrong foundation for your financial future and ensuring lasting prosperity.

Clients’ Testimonials

At the age of 54 I found myself separated and unsure of my financial future.

From our very first meeting Jackie became a very powerful force in my life. As she told me her story, I knew I was in great hands.

It became very evident to me that this was not a job to Jackie this was her passion. It was her opportunity to educate others and to elevate your fears and concerns.

Jackie is a person of integrity. She will not leave you feeling unheard.

There would be no hesitation in recommending Jackie to anyone.

Jackie has provided my husband and I with a number of services including Investment/RSP, Life Insurance and credit management.

Our relationship began when she helped me convert a Group Life Insurance policy into a Private Policy after I left my place of employment. From that point forward Jackie developed a relationship with us and provided advice on financial investments/RSP as well as helping us understand our financial situation and how to plan for the future. Having been in the business for some time she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and also has plenty of quality contacts to share with us for any other types of services such as mortgage renewals.

She also provided a guide to preparing for the death of a spouse and advised on what documents and considerations would be relevant at that time.
Perhaps the most valuable commodity that Jackie offers is a promise of continuity in our relationship. Unlike many advisors, agents and vendors these days, she does not disappear after you have signed on the dotted line. She is available to discuss any concerns we may have or just periodically review and recap our holdings with us.

I would recommend Jackie without reservation.

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